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Who is Hugo?

This is Hugo...

Hugo is my dog. He is a 10 lb. Yorkie-Poo who has more personality than most humans. He is very smart, manipulatively smart, mischievously smart... I could go on. He can eat an entire jar of trail mix by somehow actually opening the lid, not chewing through it. And in the same way, unwrap the packaging around peanut butter crackers and eat just the snack, not the plastic.

Hugo and I have a lot of fun together, too. We match halloween costumes, take drives in the rain together, and sometimes he likes to even snuggle up with me under my hoodie - while I am wearing it!

Hugo's Place is the name of my art making studio and shop! I am an artist and started this business of pet painting with help from Hugo. He was the inspiration for this whole business! It was only after I painted a watercolor painting of Hugo for myself that I thought there must be others out there who would love a portrait of their pet as much as I loved mine!

So then it began. I was suddenly painting pets as practice and asking my friends to send me photos of their pets so I could try my skill on them. I was following other artists' social media pages as inspiration on how to make this dream of mine real and as it turns out, not only am I making my dream to paint pets happen, but I am also making dreams come true by painting these pets for you all who hold these fur babies so near and dear to your hearts. 

Hugo's Place continues to grow as you all continue to be in love with your pets.

Thanks for stopping by!


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